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Promotion Opens July 6th, 2018

Please save your qualifying receipt and come back on July 6th to Redeem a $5 Gas Prepaid Card.

Participating Products

All Bran* Flakes Cereal 765g
Corn Flakes* Cereal 760g
Corn Pops* Cereal 515g
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes* Cereal 650g
Froot Loops* Cereal 580g
Mini Wheats* Brown Sugar Cereal 700g
Mini Wheats* Original Cereal 700g
Rice Krispies* Cereal 640g
Special K* Original Cereal 620g
Special K* Vanilla Almond Cereal 658g
Two Scoops Raisin Bran* Cereal 755g

†† Valid on purchases from July 6, 2018 through September 30, 2018. Up to a maximum of 65,000 prepaid cards available. While supplies last. Sales receipts must be submitted by 11:59:59 ET p.m. on October 15, 2018. Limit of five (5) prepaid cards per household. Each one (1) sales receipt can only be submitted once. Prepaid cards must be activated within ninety (90) days of receiving the validation email and must be used within six (6) months of activation. The prepaid card will arrive in the mail within approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Prepaid cards can be used anywhere prepaid cards are accepted. Internet access is required and data rates may apply to complete the redemption process. *Prepaid Gas Card will be generic and can be used at any gas station where prepaid cards are accepted. Payment must be made inside at the gas retailer to redeem your Prepaid Gas Card – not valid at gas pump.* Kellogg is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdirected or damaged shipments. Open to Canadian residents only; must be 18+ to qualify. Visitwww.kelloggsgascash.cafor full terms and conditions.

*© 2018, Trademark of Kellogg Company used under licence by Kellogg Canada Inc.